Recovery On Demand

Optimise your health.

Reclaim your time.

Ice and sauna are powerful tools in health and fitness.

Supercharge Your Recovery

Improve Circulation

Reduce Inflammation

Balance Your Mood

Don’t sacrifice time worrying about logistics – finding ice, filling a bath, maintaining a sauna, bringing them to temperature.

With the convenience of on-demand recovery technology – do it all from the comfort and convenience of home.

Take the power into your own hands: live your life, work hard, play hard, spend quality time with friends & family and still treat your body to the benefits of daily ice and sauna.

Recovery On Demand

About Us

With the convenience of on-demand recovery technology, you can do it all from the comfort and convenience of home.

Take the power into your own hands to live your life, work hard, play hard, spend quality time with friends and family and still treat your body to the benefits of daily ice and sauna

Does this sound too good to be true?

Optimise your health on your time, in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Recover your way by selecting one of the following options:

Supercharge your recovery – an Infrared (IR) Sauna delivers recovery by detoxification, increased cardiovascular benefits, soothing sore joints and muscles, and providing relief for many chronic health issues. When used after exercise, the IR Sauna increases muscle cell growth and positively affects athletic performance.  This sauna heats quickly and fits 1-2 people. With ample room, you’ll have the flexibility to accommodate your diverse fitness and wellness needs.

Optimise your recovery time and bathe your brain in endorphins (the feel-good chemicals that elevate your mood) with our cold therapy Ice Barrel. Immersing yourself in an ice bath provides an array of health benefits, including increased benefits to fat loss, balancing hormones, improving sleep and reducing stress. This beautifully-designed cedar-wood ice plunge is insulated and durable enough for inside or outside use. Cools to 4 degrees C in 30 minutes and comes with an insulated cover. 

Why IR Sauna with Recovery on Demand by Recovery Rooms?

Full-Spectrum Infrared Heating Technology

Our cutting-edge heating technology harnesses the power of full-spectrum infrared heat, encompassing near, mid, and far infrared wavelengths.

Ultra-Low EMF

Our wellness solutions are designed with a focus on ultra-low electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions. We prioritise your well-being by minimising your exposure to EMF, ensuring a safe and balanced environment for your health and peace of mind.

Versatile Functionality

The unique flip-up bench design offers a multitude of possibilities. Whether you're after extra deep bench seating for relaxation, practising hot yoga, engaging in stretching exercises, or even incorporating stationary bike work, our bench provides ample room and flexibility.

Why Cold Therapy with personal Recovery Rooms?

100% Self-Cleaning Water

Our cold therapy equipment utilises advanced self-cleaning technology, ensuring that the water is clean and hygienic at all times.

Completely Ice-Free

Unlike traditional ice baths, our cold therapy equipment does not require ice. You can enjoy the benefits of cold therapy without the hassle of dealing with ice preparation or melting.

Carbon-Filtered Hose for First-Time Filling

For your convenience and safety, we provide a carbon-filtered hose specifically designed for first-time filling. This ensures that the water in your cold therapy session is clean and free from impurities.

Package Options

Rent a cold therapy Ice Barrel or an Infrared Sauna alone, or boost their power by renting them together, then select one of the following options:


We deliver and set up your rented Ice Bath or IR Sauna with a list of introductory protocols and basic recommendations, including a customised acclimatisation programme to help you gradually adapt to deliberate heat or cold exposure. This programme ensures a safe and effective transition into regular cold and heat exposure, maximising the benefits and minimising discomfort.

*This is the best choice if you want to design your own recovery plan.


We deliver and set up your rented ice bath and/or IR Sauna + bespoke protocol recommendations to target specific benefits, such as increasing metabolism, enhancing performance, reducing inflammation and improving mental performance – based on your personal wearable data.


We’ll take a comprehensive deep dive into your health, wellness and mindset to better understand your lifestyle, challenges and goals so we can craft data-driven, science-backed protocols tailored just for you

Ice Bath + Infrared Sauna Combo

All the benefits of the cold therapy barrel and the IR Sauna, together! 

Give yourself the ultimate recovery-boosting, feel-good experience – in privacy – convenient and on your schedule

*You may select Standard or Premium support for this package.

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Ice Barrel, Infrared Sauna or both

Coming Soon...

In the near future you will also have the option to book an add-on session – such as a Certified Wim Hof Instructor and Breathwork Master to guide your sessions in person – plus many more (add-on sessions will be an additional extra charge).